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The Hidden Gospel - or "q".

It had been noticed for hundreds of years that there were numerous parallel passages in the Gospels of St. Matthew, St. Mark and St. Luke, but it required the tenacity of Canon B.H. Streeter almost 100 years ago to extract the verses concerned and to re-establish that St. Matthew and St. Luke used St. Mark's Gospel plus an original text available at the time.

Streeter referred to this original document as "Q".  "Q" being a shortened form of "Quelle", meaning 'the source' in German.

It is important to remember that many thousands of Jewish people were on Jesus' side of the arguement. The arguement, which clearly appears in "Q", was with the Jewish authorities.

As these first writings were in use throughout the Roman Empire for at least the first thirty years after the death of Jesus, many of the congregation listening to "Q" would have been 'living witnesses' to Jesus Himself. So these writings are likely to be extremely accurate.

These words were thought to be of such importance by St. Matthew and St. Luke that they obviously felt compelled to hide these words until someone like Streeter would realise their truths.

Digitally printed 61 page booklet with commentary and illustrations by F.J.Grant.

Open edition.

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